The Virginia State Association of Parliamentarians and the National Association of Parliamentarians offer several categories of membership and professional credentials.  VSAP encourages all those who are interested in becoming a member to attend a local unit meeting to learn more about the membership process and receive the social and networking benefits of meeting like-minded individuals who enjoy the study of parliamentary procedure.

After your first meeting, NAP offers provisional membership for those who are interested in continuing to learn more about parliamentary procedure.  To become an active member, you will eventually have to pass a short membership exam on the basics of parliamentary procedure.  A benefit to finding a unit is that you will gain mentoring to help prepare you for this exam.

Please visit the NAP membership page for more information on the types and benefits of membership.  VSAP also offers member-at-large status, but you do not gain the benefits of being affiliated with a unit.

Fill out the contact form below to send your information to local unit presidents so that one can follow-up with you on more information about joining the unit on a provisional membership status.

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