Find a Parliamentarian

The PRP, or Professional Registered Parliamentarian, credential is the highest credential offered by National Association of Parliamentarians, and its holders are “expected to be qualified to serve as a parliamentarian for meetings dealing with less common or more complex parliamentary issues, and to provide expert parliamentary advice to organizations dealing with unusual or complex issues” (NAP Criteria for Credentialing, Second Edition, page 9).

Referral Service

The Virginia State Association of Parliamentarians (VSAP) offers a referral service for individuals and organizations seeking to retain a parliamentarian.  This service is free and VSAP does not earn anything of value from its participants.  Please fill out the below contact form, and your request will be forwarded to VSAP Professional Registered Parliamentarians that have opted into the referral service.  VSAP only guarantees that the recipients of your request have earned the PRP credential, and cannot vouch to any other qualifications.  Any and all terms of employment should be negotiated between you and the Parliamentarian.