Founded in 1957, the Virginia State Association of Parliamentarians (VSAP) is the premier organization for parliamentarians and students of parliamentary procedure in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  VSAP is affiliated with the National Association of Parliamentarians (NAP) and its members serve in the community as experts on business meetings, parliamentary procedure, and the like.

2019-2021 Board of Directors

Elected Officers
    Lynda J Baer, PRP
1st Vice President    Beatrice Squire, RP
2nd Vice President    Donald Garrett, PRP
Recording Secretary    Rhiannon N. Liker
Treasurer    Cynthia R. Mayo, PhD, PRP

Appointed Officers
Corresponding Secretary
Editor-In-Chief    TBA
Historian    TBA
Parliamentarian    TBA

Standing Committee Chairmen
Budget and Finance
Bylaws    TBA
Education    TBA
Lifetime Achievement Award    TBA
Membership     TBA
Publicity/Public Relations     TBA

Special Committee Chairmen
Information Technology
    Donald Garrett, PRP
Ways and Means    TBA
Youth Development    TBA